Keep Them Coming Back with Text Messaging

SMS Text Marketing via SMS Text Messaging

What is your preferred method for keeping in touch with your local customers and prospects?

Many businesses struggle to answer this question these days… It’s a tough call and sometimes they’re simply confused about how to market cost-effectively while still achieving the results they need to grow their customer base.

With the rates of postage skyrocketing and the regulations around unsolicited sales calls becoming tighter, effective direct marketing through traditional methods is rapidly approaching cost-prohibitive levels.

However, there is an option that maximizes your ability to reach your target market at a minimal price – Text Messaging. The majority of the 302.9 million wireless accounts in the U.S. are already using text messaging. In fact, more than 2 trillion text messages were sent and received in 2010.

As long as customers opt-in, businesses can now customize messages to a particular audience, and ensure that the desired recipient receives the communication instantly.

Because recipients have already expressed interest by permitting the text messaging, it is only a matter of crafting a concise and appealing hook to bring them to your website or through your doors.

Customers indicate that special offers and promotions are easier to track when located safely in a mobile device, resulting in a greater likelihood of redemption. Launching your SMS text messaging campaign is risk-free, as a small investment will lead to large sales.

If your business thrives on repeat sales, SMS text message marketing should no longer be just an option – it should be a necessity for your business.

Consumers are used to it, they’re open to the idea, and they have fun participating. So why miss out on the opportunity to give them what they want? Not only will you build a loyal following of repeat business, but you will also easily add profits to your bottom line due to the low-costs involved.