The Power of SMS Text Message Marketing

SMS Text Message Marketing – Powerful Marketing Campaigns

In an Italian holiday marketing campaign, McDonalds developed a mass marketing sweepstakes where people could send a text message right from the store and receive a prize. Prizes ranged from “virtual” prizes like pictures with Santa to large cash prizes.

In a time period of about 5 weeks, more than 1.5 million people were participating. It was considered McDonalds’ most successful advertising campaign.

McDonalds took advantage of a rising phenomenon: SMS Text Message Marketing.

The world is changing. The rise of the internet and the mobile phone industry are not only changing people’s relationships with each other, but they are changing people’s business and consumer relationships.

Television, newspaper, magazine, and radio advertising are having to give way to the newest, most effective form of marketing today – Online Advertising.

In a world competing for market space, it is important for companies to be able to get people’s attention. Failing to do so will only cause you to fall further behind those competitors who are actually implementing strategies that fit today’s shopping and spending habits.

How can a business compete and win in today’s market?

SMS text message marketing may be one of the best answers. SMS texts are a great way to reach people in a convenient, instantaneous, and personalized way.

Coupons, customer loyalty rewards, customer feedback, and billing and payment information are just a few of the ways in which a company can connect with its customers.

The fact that people who have signed up to receive such texts have already shown an interest in your company makes the tool so much more appealing.

An SMS text message marketing campaign is a great way to get repeat customers who will develop loyalty to your company. This is the desired result for any business when you think about it… so why not give this powerful marketing strategy a try?