Reputation Management with Online Reviews


Using Online Review Sites for Reputation Management

A surprising amount of customers searching the internet are looking for local information.  This opens up a wonderful opportunity for local business owners.   

Taking advantage of the massive amount of local searches is not only smart, but it’s a necessity if you want to stand against your local competitors.

However, some businesses are still left scratching their heads trying to figure out HOW they can take advantage of the internet to produce more leads, customers, and sales.

One effortless way that businesses can do this is by signing up with Online Review Sites such as Yahoo Local Listings and Yelp!

When local consumers search for a local business online, sites such as these usually come up as well as independent business websites.
However, these review sites pack more power because they contain reviews from the company’s customers right there for everyone to see.

Now, imagine your business listing (with no reviews) sitting right above one of your competitor’s listings which happens to have 38 glowing customer reviews. Who do you think consumers will go with?

As you can see, reputation management – building online customer reviews is no longer an option – it’s a necessity.

Reputation Management With Yahoo Local Listings

This is an awesome site that can help boost your business.  At Yahoo Local Listings business owners can advertise their business information for free.  

As a complimentary service to this free Online Review Site, you may list your business in up to five different categories, making your business viewable to a larger amount of searchers.  This is a very high trafficked site and is sure to bring more money and customers to your door!

Yelp! And They Will Come

Here, you can view feedback about your business as well as post a response. is growing at a ridiculous rate so now is a perfect time to act.  At the rate this Review Site is going, you’ll be sure to bring in more business if you use the site to your advantage.   

In fact, your profile may even be listed there already.  If so, all you need to do is make a quick phone call to claim what is rightfully yours. Now you can have more control of your reputation management using your online profiles to bring in more customers.