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Do You Know What Your Website Looks Like on a Mobile Phone?

With more people searching the internet on their phones than on desktop pc’s, businesses can no longer afford to not go mobile.
Which do you think YOUR customers would prefer to view on their mobile phone?  Your desktop site?  Or an easy to use mobile site?
Customers that are trying to navigate the desktop version of your site on a mobile device will quickly become frustrated and leave – and will end up on one of your competitor’s sites. If that site is mobile optimized, it’s likely you’ve just lost another potential customer.

The examples shown here on the right are MUCH easier for mobile users to get the information they’re looking for without having to zoom, pinch, or scroll on their small phone screens. Make it easy for those visitors to your site so they won’t give up and leave!

Enter your website address (including the http://) in the simulator below to see what your site looks like to those people using a mobile phone.

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