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The Google+ Local Zagat Scoring System

*Update: After spending millions to purchase Zagat, Google has decided to revert back to using a rating system similar to what was used before the Zagat switch, quite simply because the average person on the street just didn’t understand how to use it. At the time of this writing, (6/2014), the easier 5 star rating system is back in play.*

Over the past few years, Google has made a number of changes on their products, Google+ Local/ Google Places pages. Google+ Local is the new kid on the block and has replaced the former Google Places pages.

Being the newest product from this search engine giant, businesses across the world are struggling to figure out what all of this means for their companies. One of the major changes is in the way that businesses are scored and how customer reviews are given and tallied.

Google+ is gaining massive popularity, which is why any business owner needs to understand this social media site. The success of this social media site is entirely based on the friendlier user interface as opposed to the shallow Google Places.

With the new introduction, there have come changes such as the elimination of the 5 star rating. This has been replaced with the more sophisticated Zagat system. Google recently purchased Zagat and has already started to use this system to rate businesses. The Zagat system is a 30 point rating scale that allows users to rate businesses on a 0-3 point scale. The rated value is then multiplied by ten to give the business a rate on the 30 point scale.

There are quite a number of categories provided on the Zagat system. Some of these categories include but are not limited to food, atmosphere, cost, level of service, among many others.

Prior to the purchase of Zagat by Google, the service was only available to paying clients and was more restaurant-oriented. This, however, raised multiple questions because the system was focused on restaurant-related businesses while there are thousands of other businesses that need ratings. The 30-point rating system is now used to rate businesses across all industries; therefore covering all services.

To be successful in local business marketing you need to understand all aspects of the new Google+ Local system and the Zagat business scoring system. Besides, this is what people will be looking at closely when deciding whether or not they want to do business with you. The more positive customer reviews you have, the better chance you have at capturing attention from local consumers.

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Before they decide to do business with you, most people today jump online to see what other consumers are saying about your business. Higher ratings means more trust and credibility, so the new Google+ Local Zagat scoring system makes it easier for your business to get honest reviews from real customers.