Does My Business Need a Mobile Website?


Don’t Think Your Business Needs a Mobile Website?

And you don’t think your customers are using mobile internet? Think again! All it takes is a look around you to see your customers glued to their mobile devices.

Many businesses still think their prospects and customers aren’t using their mobile phones to search for local products and services. Because of this, they neglect to mobilize their marketing efforts all together, which is a huge mistake.

Can you believe in the past ten years, U.S. wireless subscriptions have increased by a dramatic 254%, resulting in more active mobile devices than people?

More than 98% of the country has 3G coverage, and there are more 3G customers in the U.S. alone than in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK combined. In addition to that, economists predict that by 2016, total app downloads will surpass 44 billion.

With these numbers climbing every day, the most market-savvy businesses are rushing to join the mobile marketing community.

Mobile-friendly websites offer significant advantages over traditional advertising techniques, including immediate accessibility and improved customer engagement.

Have you ever tried to pull up your website on a mobile device? Did it take forever to load? Did it even load at all?

Some businesses don’t even take the time to check to see how their websites are showing up on mobile devices. However, chances are that you are missing out on a lot of potential business.

Potential customers no longer glimpse an ad and jot it down for later follow-up. Instead, through a mobile website, they can instantly obtain company information, place a call, and/or request needed information.

In fact, with Quick Response Code (QR code) technology and barcode scanners preloaded into the most popular phones, there is no need to type in a web address.

One click takes the customer directly to the desired webpage, where convenience and impulse purchasing result in more sales for business owners.  

But if your website does not even load on their mobile device, you have pretty much zero chance at getting their business.

Therefore, businesses cannot afford to ignore their need for a mobile website
As far as mobile web users are concerned, out of sight is out of mind.